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Cultural events on the banks of the Loire, near Ancenis

Go out with family or friends: follow the Friday of the summer in Les Babins!

The Babins campsite is defined first of all as a meeting place and conviviality.

We offer a variety of local cultural programming with the aim of promoting local artists and combining culture and tourism.

Concerts, theatre, circus, shows… on the banks of the Loire.
Camping becomes a local scene every Friday of the summer!
Around the guinguette the spaces are transformed, the public rubs shoulders, the evenings drag on!

And as culture is shared at the table, we take advantage of the Friday evening programming to organize themed meals and tasting evenings.
Place to the big tables, to the exchanges of flavors, to the pleasure of being together!
It’s simple, it’s good, it’s summer…

Possibility to sleep on the spot, of course!

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Les Babins – Bouzillé
49530 Orée d’Anjou

Tél. +33 (0) 6 47 24 33 58


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